Here at Hamill Art we provide digitally painted portraits for anyone looking for a means of displaying an image they have took of something personal to them. If you are looking for a means of displaying something personal and dear to you then you are in the right place! Our portraits can be displayed on a vast and ever increasing number of items...from canvas to mugs our portraits will fit on just about anything that can be printed on to. Our mission is to provide anyone who is looking for a way of displaying something which means a lot to them within their home a way of doing that in order to add a little bit more joy to their homes through our everlasting custom digital portraits. We believe such a service shouldn't cost the world which is why we offer our portraits to you at a reasonable whether it be due to a passing of a relative, a hobby or a memory you wish to make even more memorable, send us the image and we will paint it for you! We currently aren't able to offer any printing services but we highly recommend you use Swift Print UK when deciding where to go to get out portraits printed. On completion of payment your portrait will be added to the queue of orders and you will receive your final image in an email when the portrait is finished. Depending on demand and number of orders it can take up to but usually wont exceed 2 weeks for your order to be completed. We will email you with a more precise date on when you can expect your order after you have purchased. Before ordering from us it is important that you first email the image you would like to have painted to so we can check if your image is of high enough quality to actually be painted from. We recommend image sizes of at least 1280 x 720 for painting. Below you can view some of our previous examples of portraits!